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Bob Shayler Retires

Bob Shayler, our esteemed colleague has retired from Import Services after 30 years with the Company. Bob joined Import Services in 1989 as Warehouse Supervisor and spent three decades working across many sites. Roger Loveless, Operations Director penned the following testimony by way of email.

Bob has had an exemplary career and despite being of small stature, he is a giant of a man. You will not find a kinder person, nor will you will find someone so dedicated to helping others.

The many thousands of people who have passed through Bob’ s induction process in the original COE or the OSDG as its called today would all testify to that. Many people never get the opportunity to leave a legacy but Bob certainly will. The standout contribution to safety and the development of his colleagues are top of his very long list.

Professionally Bob’s record is outstanding too. By way of example;

I have run and operated facilities in the UK, Europe and the USA over a long career, as part of this responsibility you have to deal with property Insurers and their surveyors on a routine basis as they review risk often twice a year. Since 2005 Bob has managed both the relationship and the visits with our Insurers. With no exceptions over this 16 year period every Insurance review was not only positive but also the resulting reports contained glowing recognition about the very positive experience that their representatives had with Bob, who always prepared properly and was able to provide guidance whilst responding utterly professionally to any query. You may be wondering why this matters?

Well the result was lower premiums and a good reputation which kept our total costs lower, benefiting profit. But its more than just money. The ultimate beneficiary was you, as Bob’ s professionalism kept us all safer.

No final words would be complete about Bob unless I mentioned his “other children” who reside peacefully at both Nursling and Hedge End. Yes, I mean his treasured diesel engines that run our sprinkler systems!

No engine in the Country has ever received such care and attention. Bob treated them like a child, showering love and affection but sometimes being sterner if they were not responding as he expected. Bob will certainly miss all of you, but he will also miss his engines for sure!

As you prepare to depart for one last time today Bob, please go with a heavy heart but a clear head, knowing that your devotion to your colleagues and the Company made a massive difference. Everyone would like to think that they will be remembered fondly when they leave but in my experience few actually are. You certainly will be.

My very best wishes for your retirement Bob, my thoughts and best wishes to Chris your devoted wife too. I hope you both remain in good health and can now enjoy more time together. Today is a bitter sweet moment for us all, but you leave with my thanks and above all else my greatest respect.

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