Port Centric Retail Logistics

The Port-Centric model is optimum for the new world of retail logistics.

In Southampton, our bonded distribution centres allow stock to be held, free of duty and VAT, until sold to Market in the EU or transhipped, to external markets still under bond. 

Retailers are particularly keen on Port-centric logistics, which helps rationalise deliveries into their DC’s, cutting supply chain carbon emissions and allowing a significant tick in the environmentally friendly box, for all concerned.

Port-centric logistics with Delamode International Logistics Ltd trading as Import Services, provides the facilities, systems and operating teams, to Pre-Retail stock as and when required. This minimises risk and maximises flexibility, exactly what you need to meet the new world of retailing.

Customer Orders

If your order is B2C, we will move with agility and speed for next day delivery, straight from our container port facilities, to your customer’s home. 

Port-centric with Delamode means your carton delivery is processed with thousands of other orders on the same day. All orders move from our port warehouses, in full trailer loads, directly to the parcel hub for sortation and onward delivery via integrated parcel carriers.

If your order is B2B and involves Bookings, we arrange these for you by aligning orders from our other Clients to spread the benefit of Consolidation and provide optimum use of Back-Haul services.


Safe, reliable and high quality fashion logistics service

Full UK Coverage within 24-72 hours

No minimum limits for garment deliveries

Full visibility of shipments


Remove Complexities

No supply chain is too big, small, or too challenging for us. Whether you need a fashion processing, storage or delivery solution, we have it covered.

Improve Efficiencies

Our seamless WMS and order management software enable smooth client integration, giving you greater control of your supply chain.

Great Customer Service

We value exceptional service in every client relationship and take pride in putting the requirements of our customers at the forefront of our approach.

A Simple Service That Works For You.
We make it simple, fast and cost-effective.

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Retail Distribution

Ship to Store

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