Market Sectors

If your products are sourced overseas, packaged in barcode labelled cartons and shipped to UK Port for pre-retailing, order processing and distribution across the UK or CEE, Delamode is interested.

In essence the reason for Market Sectors, is to target products to balance work flow and create synergy!

Adding to the optimum Port-Centric supply chain for Toymaster, John Lewis, Amazon and Argos, is simply to provide an economy of scale, for all vested parties.

Similarly the Delamode distribution centre specialising in E-Commerce fulfilment is looking to develop complementary workflows….

Toys & Gifts

Whereas toy volumes peak in the latter half of the year, gifts show a linear annual profile, with events such as Valentine’s Day, spreading demand for retail supply chain services.

Both involve similar handling techniques, including high volume case picking, Pre-retailing, bookings and pallet load distribution plus, Pick and Pack and parcel based distribution

Essex ecommerce warehousing facility
ecommerce warehouse forklift

Sports, Leisure & Apparel

Golf products flow to market predominantly in the first quarter of the year, and reduce in the latter half.

Other sports and leisure activities are predominantly weather dependent, fluctuating with seasonality and with spikes / troughs, driven by weather patterns through the year. Each picking at item level, high SKU counts, serial number tracking and seasonal churn are all characteristic.


Electronics products have a linear profile, with promotional and new product launches driving demand for supply chain services. Bonded storage with CFSP, re-boxing, spare part distribution, POS, CDU’s and FSDU’s all have synergies to work with.

Essex ecommerce warehousing facility
ecommerce warehouse forklift

Grey Market

Demographic indicators show that the grey market is a growing sector, with wide scope and scale in terms of product purchases, triggered by direct mail, press advertising, e-commerce, convenience retailing, home delivery, click and collect and call centre support.

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