Import Services Successfully Retains Investors in People Accreditation

07. 25. 2019

Import Services is delighted to announce that following our recent re-assessment, we have successfully retained our Investors in People accreditation, which we have proudly held since 2007, having been reaccredited 4 years since then.

“Achieving Investors in People accreditation is an outstanding achievement as it requires genuine commitment from leaders, passionate employees and everyone focused on the ambitions of the organisation” (Investors in People 2017).

Investors in People (IIP) has been operating since 1991, undergoing various changes to the standard as the world of business has changed. The IIP sixth generation standard was introduced in 2015 and consists of 9 indicators based on the features of organisations that consistently outperform industry norms, such as leading and inspiring people, empowering and involving people and delivering continuous improvement to name a few. In order to be accredited we have to have met the standard in all 9 indicators, so the bar is set very high.

The outcome is better when compared to other IIP accredited organisations within our sector; we scored 704 out of 900 and the industry average is 690 out of 900.

Our report shows we have some areas of strong practice and should be very proud of the way we manage and support our people.

The assessor reported that:

Staff feel optimistic about the future of Import Services, with 91% saying they understand the plans for the future. They feel comfortable about the transition into the Xpediator Group and are pleased to have the support and investment of a larger company behind us.

85% believe that Import Services is a great place to work. They really enjoy working for the company and feel supported and cared for, in particular the friendly atmosphere and the support they get from colleagues.

87% said they understand the revised values and believe them to be important. They try to live them in their work and interaction with others.

The majority feel they are well managed and supported in their roles.

Jane Buckton, HR Manager, Import Services comments, “This outcome is a reflection of all staff, so please accept my thanks for your contribution in making Import Services a great place to work and for being an important and integral part of “our team”. I look forward to continuing our journey with you.”

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