PIC© is agile with the capacity to pick orders swiftly and efficiently using our fleet of electric powered pick carts.

PIC is programmed to seek a unique bar code representing each of your product SKU’s at the level determined for 1. This means pre-setting a unique bar code per product SKU, to match the pick quantity at item, inner carton and outer carton level.

Once this is in place PIC is happy, priding himself on reading bar-codes all day every day, to ensure picked orders are always right.


PAC© processes all PIC’s orders ready for despatch, a highly disciplined and reliable operation.

Marshalling PIC’s electric carts, managing order segregation, scanning and recording picked items into selected shipping cartons, producing labels and systematically applying them correctly, generating bespoke advice notes, routing via carrier-specific bar-codes, confirming order despatch plus many other processes, all managed by PAC.

STAC is capable of reaching up easily to 7 pallet levels high using sheer power and WiFi commands to put-away and retrieve pallets. Although STAC is robust, he is also surprisingly flexible, moving within narrow aisle racked areas with ease.

When you see STAC, he is equally happy receiving checked, wrapped and bar code labelled pallets from Goods In for location in the storage areas, as well as feeding stock to pre-retail teams for PAC to work on, before despatch.

TRAC’s data streams extend globally to our agents in the Far East, monitoring your Purchase Orders and managing efficient container shipping to Southampton.

TRAC is here to help you control inventory in your supply chain, to show order status and progress through physical handling, bookings, ASN’s and all the processes PIC, PAC and STAC work on in our distribution centres, day and night, to move your products to market, with track and trace safe delivery.

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